Faith Health Alliance: Helping to Save Lives in Our Communities and Congregations

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The Story

The Center for Sustainable Health Care and Equity is working with a network of pastors on the Faith Health Alliance — an effort to increase awareness of a variety of health topics in underserved communities throughout the United States.

Respected faith leaders can lead to sustainable and accountable health outcomes in communities of color. The church is a cornerstone of community health promotion in underserved communities with a goal to expand into a variety of health issues.


The Purpose

The Rev. Dr. Terris King and Bishop Dr. J. L. Carter, leaders of Faith Health Alliance, have shared that African Americans and other minority groups have suffered vaccine disparities, COVID-19 infection and death, and other health inequities – through less knowledge and access, social and economic barriers and discrimination and bias in the health system. Pastors can play a pivotal role in closing these deadly gaps.


The church is committed to spiritual and physical healing – “we are spirit and body,” says the Rev. Dr. Carter.

The Rev. Dr. Terris King expands, “The interrelatedness of health equity and faith is being renewed nationally by the Faith Health Alliance, organized first to fight COVID-19 and the flu in 10 cities through increased Immunization. Prayerfully, this is a new beginning in addressing what Dr. King declares: ‘Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhuman.’

SHC has provided a number of resources for the Faith Health Alliance. You can download them below.

Meet the Team Behind Faith Health Alliance

Bishop J.L. Carter

Bishop J.L. Carter has served as the senior pastor of Ark Church, Baltimore, Maryland, since 1987, following his graduation from Virginia Union University School of Theology.

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Reverend Dr. Terris A. King

Reverend Dr. Terris A. King is an occupational scientist with a focus on minority health.

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